Universal Power Rack with Lat Pulldown and Cable Pulley

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The Extreme Fitness Universal Power Rack provides all your workout options in one compact space.

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The Extreme Fitness Universal Power Rack is a versatile, fully equipped, commercial rack designed for any gym wanting to save valuable floor space.

Designed to provide all workout options in one space, this rack is the complete workout solution.

The centre features a solid based power rack made with 3 x 3" 11-gauge thick steel uprights. The uprights are laser numbered which helps quickly identify the jcup setting. The Jcups are made from thick steel with UHMW plastic lining to protect your barbells.

The adjustable multi grip handle allows you to perform a variety of pull up variations from wide grip to narrow grip. You can also change the angles of the handles for multi grip options. The pull bar can be changed to a standard straight pull up bar if needed (contact us to change).

Either side of the rack features a single cable pulley and a lat pulldown/low row machine. Both have 100kg weight stacks.

The single cable pulley is a Heavy Duty commercial grade machine with 32 settings for a wide range of cable machine exercises, such as rows, curls, tricep pushdowns, cable crossovers, and much more. A tricep rope and single handle is included.

The Lat Pulldown and Low Row combi is a heavy duty machine that comes with a pulldown handlebar, and narrow grip handle.

Six chrome storage pegs provide enough to room to store your weight plates either side of the power rack.

What makes this model so unique is that you can add any of the power rack accessories to it such as a landmine, dip bar, safety spotter arms, jammer arms etc.

The crossmembers that link the cable pulley and lat pulldown from the power rack is 78cm in length. If you would like more space to move inbetween we can do custom lengths, simply get in touch with us.

We are proud to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on this rack.

PLEASE NOTE: No weights are included. Shown for reference only.

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