Power Rack + Cable Pulley Combo 1

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The Extreme Fitnes Power Rack with Single Cable Pulley combo offers great functionality. With integrated storage and a small depth to give you more floor space.

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Have everything you need in one compact space.

We have combined the EX-PR-400 Power Rack and Single Cable Pulley with 3 integerated storage shelves.

With a small depth and taking up 3.2m length at a back wall, you have everything you need in one compact space. Allowing more centre floor space.

The Cable Pulley has a 100kg weight integrated weight stack and 32 settings for a wide range of cable machine exercises, such as rows, curls, tricep pushdowns, and cable crossovers.

The storage shelves are 110cm in length and include:

1 x Flat Shelf

1 x Dumbbell Shelf

1 x Weight Plate Shelf

We are proud to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on this rack.

PLEASE NOTE: No weights/equipment on shelves are included. Shown for reference only.

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