Extreme Fitness Strongman Adjustable Yoke Rack

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The multi functional Yoke Rack can be used as a power rack to add squat and bench workouts as well as Strongman Yoke.

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The Extreme Fitness Yoke is fully equipped.

With 2 x 3" uprights, 4 x plate storage (400kg max load) and jcups, this rack can be used for many exercises.

The feet have skid plates to be able to perform pushing and dragging exercises.

The Jcups make this a multi purpose rack. You can adjust the height to perform squats and bench press.

Strongman exercises are one of the fastest growing health and fitness trends. The combination of maximum lifts, strength endurance, and complex compound movements offered by strongman training ensures that you can activate all of your major muscle groups is a huge variety of new ways. Ideal to implement this in your training so that you push over plateaus in your progress.

By progressively increasing the weight, and concentrating on correct form at all times, you can increase the intensity of this one of a kind all-body workout. Increasing the weight improves raw strength for those targeting a new one rep max., whilst increasing the distance of your carry promotes gains in anaerobic fitness and strength endurance. By also using it as a squat and bench press rack, you can work your entire body with this versatile piece of exercise equipment.

  • Precision made using ultra-durable 60 mm steel tubing

  • Suitable for use with loads up to 400 kg

  • Can also be used as a squat rack or bench press rack (bench not included), and comes complete with J-hooks

  • Skid plates ensures floors and outdoor surfaces are protected at all times

  • Yoke Weight: 71 kg

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