Extreme Fitness Prowler Power Sled

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The Extreme Fitness Power Sleds are the perfect tool for building explosive power, speed and endurance.

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Compound exercises are the basis for an effective functional training routine as they allow you to work the entire body in a variety of different planes of motion. Whilst isolation exercises are great at emphasising a particular muscle, compound training methods like pushing a power sled allow you to recruit entire muscle groups during an intense burst of activity. The advantage of this over traditional isolation training is that you will ensure you target all of the smaller supporting and stabilising muscles within any given muscle group. Ideal for building the functional all-body strength that you want.

By progressively adding weights to the power sled, and increasing the length of your pushes, you can increase muscle endurance, stamina, and size all at the same time. As a staple part of many Crossfit routines, the power sled is one of the most effective ways to test your body to the limit in a safe and controlled manner. This makes it a great option if you want to reduce the potential for injuries due to poor form that are commonly associated with the Olympic lifts.

Great for training on Astroturf, grass or field turfs.

Use your existing bumpers or Olympic discs onto the prowler for a more intense workout.

Weight of prowler: 35kg

  • Made from ultra-durable 3 mm thick steel

  • Plate holder is 450 mm high for maximum loading

  • Comes with a sleek black powder coated finish as standard

  • Hook for drag sled option
  • Length: 101 cm x Height: 90cm x Width: 61cm
  • Weight: 35kg

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