Extreme Fitness EX-PR-150 Power Rack

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The EX-PR-150 is a fully featured rack that is inexpensive yet offers great quality for home gym users and athletes.

The lat pulldown and low row attachments makes this the complete power rack.

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The EX-PR-150 Power Rack comes with the lat pulldown/low row attachment and offers a wide variety of gym exercises for your home gym.

With 2 x 2" thick steel uprights, this frame can handle upto 300kg in weight.

The front multi grip bar targets all muscle groups with close, regular and wide grips.

The J hooks are lined with UHMW plastic to protect your bars.

The lat pulldown/low row attachment can also be used for exercises such as cable work, tricep extensions, curls and shoulder raises!

The EX-PR-100 comes with adjustable chrome spotter arms so training alone is not an issue.

The width of the rack allows space to squat or bench in. A bench can easily be positioned in this power cage.

The lat pulldown is designed to load 1" and 2" weight plates.

Please note: Tools and an align are needed to assemble the rack.

  • Dimensions: 213cm rack/ 217cm pulley (height) x 122cm(width) x 162cm(depth)
  • Max weight capacity: 300kg
  • Lat pull down max weight: 120kg
  • 2 x 2" steel uprights
  • 2" hole spacing
  • Black powder coat
  • Multi grip pull up bar
  • Adjustable spotter pins included
  • UHMW plastic lined J Hooks

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