Extreme Fitness Wall Mount Multi Grip Pull Up Bar

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The Extreme Fitness Multi Grip Pull Up Bar is uniquely constructed with angled hand grips to allow countless hand positions to isolate specific areas of your upper body.

Our wall mounted multi pull up bar has knurled hand grips to assist in providing a strong grip, even during the most intensive workouts.

Pull ups are highly flexible exercises that allow you to target different muscles depending on the grip and hand placement used. Wide grip pulls up with the palms facing outwards will put greater emphasis on the lats and upper back, whilst narrow grip pull ups place more emphasis on the biceps and the upper chest. By performing different variations you will be able to build practical functional strength which helps with every other exercise in your workout routine.

Over time you will be able to increase the number of repetitions for enhance your muscle endurance, and improve your base strength by adding weights in the form of a tactical vest or dip belt. The advantage of performing pull ups compared to isolation exercises is that you can recruit a large number of smaller stabilising muscles which are often overlooked when you exercise exclusively with fixed weight machines.

  • Multi grip positions for isolating different muscle groups
  • Knurled handles
  • Wall fixings included
  • 150kg max user weight
  • Dimensions: Width 121cm / Depth 61cm / Height 47cm

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