Extreme Fitness Massage Recovery Ball

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Rest and recovery are just as important as the training itself. Whilst a deep tissue massage can be an expensive and time-consuming addition to your training regime, a quick rollout with a massage ball is something you can easily find the time for.

The Extreme Fitness Massage ball gently works into your muscles and allow you to rollout any tightness and fatigue. Regular use after training will allow you to take a proactive approach that enables you to keep small niggles and sources of discomfort under control.

The spikes on the ball come in 3 sizes and hardness:

5cm - Soft spikes for feet, sensitive areas and injured tissues.

7cm - Medium hardness which can be used any part of the body.

9cm - Hard spikes which are great for deep tissue muscle therapy.

  • Sizes: 5cm, 7cm or 9cm
  • Choice of 5 colours per size
  • Hardness: 5cm soft, 7cm medium, 9cm hard
  • Great for the feet and any injured scar tissue
  • Improves circulation
  • Lightweight and portable

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