Extreme Fitness Leg Press / Hack Squat Machine

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The Extreme Fitness Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine offers a dual functionality for a very economical price.

Get your leg muscle exercises done on one machine.


or 6 interest-free payments of £233.33 with What's this?

Get the most of your leg workouts with the convenience of the combo machine.

Switch from Leg Press to Hack Squats and even Calf Raises quickly and effectively.

The Heavy Duty construction offers extraordinary stability and a smooth movement when in motion due to the hard nylon wheels with needle bearings.

It has a small foot frame and does not take much room up, perfect for PT studios and home gyms.

Both foot plates are adjustable in several angles, so that everybody can hold the correct form during the workout.

The pegs hold 2" Olympic Plates.

Dimensions: 201 x 93 x 143 cm

Maximum load: 400kg (including user)


3 years cover on parts exlcuding general wear and tear.

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