Extreme Fitness Hip Thrust Bench

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Want to build some serious glute strength? The Extreme Fitness Hip Thrust Bench is great for performing hip extensions and it is light and easy to store.


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Extreme Fitness Hip Thrust Bench-Small 60x45cm
Extreme Fitness Hip Thrust Bench-Large 100 x 45cm

If you are wanting to build explosive glute power for hip extension or just rehab through glute activation then this machine is a must have tool.

Hip extension is considered one of the most vital part of any sport requiring lower body movement.

The Extreme Fitness Hip Thrust Bench allows you to perform this exercise safely with a barbell and can also be used for various other exercises such as bench press, plyometric jumps.

Made with EPE that is firm and covered with anti slip vinyl cover.

Two sizes to choose from:


Measurements: 60cm x 45cm

Weight: 4kg


Measurements: 100cm x 45cm

Weight: 6kg

  • Great for glute activation and hip strength
  • Easy to move and store
  • 2 options to choose from
  • Anti slip leather to prevent slipping
  • Easy to wipe and clean

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