Extreme Fitness EX-SWR-100 Slim Wall Mounted Rack

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The EX-SWR-100 Slim Wall Mounted Power Rack takes very little floor space yet provides most of the key features of a full rack.

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The Extreme Fitness EX-SWR-100 Slim Wall Mount Rack takes very limited floor space which allows you to train all your main exercises without having to lose floor space.

The pull up bar is angled outwards away from the uprights and wall which gives you the space for pull up movements. It also can be adjusted in height.

The uprights are made from 3 x 3" 11 guage steel which is very sturdy and can hold heavy weights. It is laser cut to precision, has numbers lasered to quickly set the J-hooks.

The rack features a height adjustable pull up bar which holds the frame together. Easy to attach and deattach.

A set of J Hooks are included with the rack.

Wanting to add a dip bar, spotter arms or landmine to this rack? Visit our rack accessories page. All 3 x 3" racks are universal and the attachments can be added.

Important: Wall mounting hardware is not included with the rack. As every wall is different, we recommend you seek advice from a professional builder for the best fixing method and correct hardware required to set the rack up safe and securely. The uprights need to be bolted to the floor aswell as bolts to the wall.

  • Matte Black Finish
  • 3 x 3" thick uprights
  • Height: 250cm
  • Width: 125cm
  • Depth: 2 options 46cm or 61cm
  • Pair of premium heavy duty J hooks included

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