Extreme Fitness Foam Roller Small

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The Extreme Fitness Small Foam Roller is great to reduce tightness, soreness, and muscle fatigue.

Sports which involve a high-volume of impact movements can place a great strain on your back and lower body. Whilst a professional athlete will seek the skills of a physiotherapist, most of us will struggle to find the time and or money to make that a part of our training regime. By adding a small foam roller to your warmup and cool down routine you will be able to take the proactive steps which will keep your body performing at its optimum.

Our small foam roller is designed for use on any surface, and is suitable for users all of ages and sizes. Simply by rolling out problem areas such as the hips and the outer thighs you can increase blood flow and reduce tension in a matter of minutes. Ideal if you want to ensure that your body is ready and raring to go the next time you need to train.

  • Available in blue, black, or orange
  • Measures 33 x 14 cm
  • Gently massages hard to reach places to reduce tightness, soreness, and muscle fatigue

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