Extreme Fitness EX-3000 Commercial Multi-functional Rack

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The Extreme Fitness EX-3000 combines a rack, smith machine, dual cable pulleys all into one compact heavy duty machine.

Perfect for commercial gyms, studios, schools or any premium home gym.

The cable machine has hi grade pulley cables, 2:1 ratio and a very smooth and silent motion.

The smith machine bar is 30mm in diameter with knurling. Rated to 400kg.

What's included:

100kg Dual weight stacks

Knurled Multi Chin Up Bar

Dip Bars/Leg pad attachments

Spotter Arms


Bar holder/2 rear storage pegs

T Pins for resistance bands support

Handles and a range of cable attachments (Tricep rope, handles, straight bar, long bar, narrow grip handle, v shape tricep handle)


Height: 230cm


Depth: 205cm

Lifetime frame warranty with 2 year cover on parts.

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