Extreme Fitness EX-2000 Multi Smith Cable Rack

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The Extreme Fitness EX-2000 combines a rack, smith machine, dual cable pulleys all into one compact heavy duty machine along with plenty of attachments.

Perfect for commercial, home and PT gyms.

The cable machine has a dual 90kg stack with a 1:1 ratio so you actually lift the weight stated on the stack. Cables are high grade to give a very smooth and silent motion.

The smith machine bar is 30mm in diameter with knurling. Rated to 400kg.

What's included:

90kg Dual weight stacks

Integrated Smith machine

Multigrip Chin Up Bar

Dip Bars/Leg pad attachments

Spotter Arms


Landmine multigrip holder

6 storage pegs

Range of cable attachments (Tricep rope, handles, straight bar, lat pull bar)


Height: 224cm

Width:200cm (includes the smith bar end to end)/ 122cm in between each upright

Depth: 124cm without spotter bars /150cm with spotter bars attached

Lifetime frame warranty with 2 year cover on parts.

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