Extreme Fitness Cast Iron Kettlebell And Rack Package

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Buy a complete set of cast iron kettlebells from 4 to 32kg with a 2-Tier rack and start to build your strength and conditioning.

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This package consists of :

1 x 4 kg kettlebell
1 x 8 kg kettlebell
1 x 12 kg kettlebell
1 x 16 kg kettlebell
1 x 20 kg kettlebell
1 x 24 kg kettlebell
1 x 28 kg kettlebell
1 x 32 kg kettlebell

1 x 2-Tier kettlebell rack

Our cast iron kettlebells are made from a single casting which makes them very durable.

They are coated with a black powder finish and provides a good handle grip.

Colour strips are on each kettlebell for easy identification.

  • 8 Kettlebells included
  • 1 Kettlebell Rack
  • Rack Dimensions: Height 840mm / Length 1520mm / Depth 530mm

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