Extreme Fitness Colour Rubber Bumper Plates

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The Extreme Fitness Colour Bumpers allow you to quickly identify the amount of weight loaded on the bar and they bring life to the gym too!

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Colour Rubber Bumper Plate 5kg Pair
Colour Rubber Bumper Plate 10kg Pair
Colour Rubber Bumper Plate 15kg Pair
Colour Rubber Bumper Plate 20kg Pair
Colour Rubber Bumper Plate 25kg Pair
Colour Rubber Bumper Full 150kg Set (2 x each size)

The Extreme Fitness colour coded bumper plates allows you to keep your plates more organised and finding the plates you need quicker than the all black bumpers. Perfect for gyms where multiple athletes are using the same equipment.

They deliver and high quality, low bounce drop.

The bumper plates have an IWF standard size of 450mm in diameter and the weight tolerance is within 1%.

What makes our plates so good? Firstly, weight plates are the most used piece of equipment in any gym. It is important the bumpers are durable and made to last. That is why the virgin rubber has been vulcanised to strengthen the plate and ensure no damages will occur when dropped. You will not see our plates bend out of shape.

The steel insert is forged with a rebar and moulded into the rubber. Our steel inserts are very easy to load and deload from the barbell.

  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Thinner than your average bumper plates
  • Forged stainless steel inserts
  • Minimal bounce
  • 450mm IWF standard size
  • Factory tested  to withstand over 15,000 drops
  • Vulcanised rubber to ensure durability

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